When you first arrive and the range is COLD all firearms must be in cases and cases must

            be placed on the" SAFE AREA” table.  Firearms cannot be taken to the line or out of the   case at this time.


You will need to sign in on the sign-in sheet.


You will be able to place your targets on a frame and set the frames down range.   


A side note here.  All targets must be placed in the center of the frame cardboard,

            one below the other as a way to cut down on frame damage. 


When everyone has a target out and is back behind the red line, the RO will put up the

             yellow chains, and call for the shooters to APPROACH THE LINE.  Eye and ear

             protection must be put on at this time. The shooters can then take their gun cases to

             the line and remove their firearms.  The RO will then make the line HOT and tell

             the shooters to COMMENCE FIRING.  The shooters can then load and fire.


If there is a HOT LINE when you arrive, you must don your eye and ear protection and place

            your gun cases on the 'Safe Area Table' and sign in.  The RO will then let you place one

            gun case on the bench and you can remove your unloaded firearm with the action open.

            When the RO calls a CEASE FIRE and then a COLD LINE you can set your target out.


When a target change is in order, or at any other time that he shall deem necessary,

            the RO will sound the buzzer, light the flashing lights, and play the CEASE FIRE            

            recording.  The only time the  buzzer will sound is for a CEASE FIRE.  At this time

           shooters must stop firing, unload their firearm, leave the action open, and step back behind

           the red line.  If you have your targets at the line, get them now.  The ROs will then

            inspect the line to assure that all firearms are safe and then will call the LINE COLD and

            turn on the COLD sign.

.           There is a vast difference between CEASE FIRE and a COLD LINE. The ROs will then

            remove the chains and you can go downrange. You must not go to the firing line bench

            for any reason during a COLD LINE.  If you need something on the bench, ask an RO

            and they will get it for you.


At the end of the session the RO will call CEASE FIRE and shooting will stop

            firearms will be unloaded and placed back into their cases.  The cases will

            then be placed on the “Safe Area Table” as at the start (or placed into the shooter’s car)

            When all firearms are secured the RO will call the LINE COLD and

            the shooters can pick up brass, bring in target frames, & gather their items   from

            the benches.


            Rev 5/12