1.  Range Officers must be present at all times.

2.  No alcohol or drugs are permitted at the range at any time.

3.  No hunting or trespassing permitted at any time.

4.  Inexperienced shooters must advise the Range Officers of same.

5.  Eye and ear protection are required for all shooters and guests.

6.  All firearms must be unloaded and cased when brought to the range. 

           These cased firearms and range bags are to be placed on the Safe Area Table when       

            you arrive.

7.  The Member or Guest sign-in sheet must be signed by all shooters and guests,

8.  Shooters must wait for permission to approach the shooting benches.

9.  All firearms are to be unloaded and cased while being taken to or from the    shooting benches.

10. Only one firearm is to be on the shooting bench at any time.  All other handguns

          are to be kept, unloaded with the action open, on the lower shelf and other          

          rifles in a case on the Safe Area Table.

11. When Cease Fire is called; all firearms on the line are to be unloaded, with

actions open, clips or magazines out, placed on the shooting bench and shooters are to step 

behind the red line. 

Do not go down range until the Range Officer declares the range COLD and gives permission to do so.

12. No firearms are to be moved or handled when the range is COLD.

13. No firearms are to be fired from behind the red line.

14. Handling a firearm in a careless manner will not be tolerated.  No quick draw       

         or shooting from the hip.   

15. Shoot only at your own target.  Do not shoot at any elevation    

         that would permit the bullet to go over the backstop.

16. If you plan on shooting “Rapid Fire” or Full Auto, notify the Range Officers and

          you will be permitted to do so at the Range Officer’s discretion.

17. Before leaving the range you must pick up all of your brass.

18. All Range Officer’s commands and Range Rules must be accepted at this range. 

Challenge to any rule or Range Officer command   may be made in writing to

Chief Range Officer - Phoenix Gun Club

PO Box 10432

Brooksville FL  34603



Rev 5/12